Steering Committee

Our Steering Committee is made up of passionate advocates for walkable streets. You can find out more about all of us right here.

In the future, we may wish to add new capabilities to the Steering Committee.  If you are interested in such opportunities, you can email a short letter of interest to:

Michael Black – Michael has spent decades walking around large cities, and after developing an allergy to cars, became a serious advocate of active transportation.  Ward 12 St. Paul’s.

Roger Brook – Roger Brook is a former member of Feet on the Street, the Toronto Pedestrian Committee, and co-founded Walk Toronto.  Ward 8 Eglinton – Lawrence.

Adam Cohoon – Adam is an access advocate and artist who uses a power wheelchair. He’s been involved with planning and co-leading a Jane’s Walk for the past four years on accessibility in the Yonge and Eglinton area. Using photography and video, he engages people about accessibility issues in and around Toronto and the world. Ward 13 Toronto Centre.

John Fischer – John brings his mapping/GIS expertise and an interest in improving pedestrian flow to Walk Toronto.  Ward 10 Spadina – Fort York.

Lance Gleich – Lance tries to walk everywhere he can from Bloor West Village.  Ward 4 Parkdale – High Park.

Rebecca Goodwin – Rebecca helps charities and philanthropists realize their dreams. She’s a fan of self-imposed detours and seeing where an unplanned walk leads.  Ward 15 Don Valley West.

Mark Jacobs – Mark is an avid walker, planner, and urban explorer, seeking out new connections and shortcuts within the urban fabric.  Ward 14 Toronto – Danforth.

Geoff Kettel – Geoff is a community connector, advocate, and consultant.  Ward 15 Don Valley West.

Judith Kidd – Judith Kidd is a retiree with more than 70 years of walking experience – and, still at it!  Ward 4 Parkdale – High Park.

Vivien Leong – Vivien is involved in sustainable and active transportation planning, outreach and community engagement.  Ward 14 Toronto – Danforth.

Daniella Levy-Pinto – Daniella advocates for pedestrian safety and accessible streets. She is totally blind and relies on her guide dog for mobility. She holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Toronto, and has expertise in media analysis, as well as how the framing of issues affects public opinion and political outcomes.  Ward 12 Toronto – St. Paul’s.

Sean Marshall – Sean is a passionate Torontonian, past member of the City of Toronto’s Pedestrian Advisory Committee, and co-founder of Walk Toronto. He is a geographer by training and works in the public health sector.  Ward 13 Toronto Centre.

Dylan Reid – Dylan was co-chair of the Toronto Pedestrian Committee 2007-2010, and is a co-founder of Spacing magazine.  Ward 14 Toronto-Danforth.

Lyna Saad – Lyna’s love for cities began at a young age exploring New York City on foot, bicycle and public transit.  She is an urban planner and works in community engagement in Toronto’s Alexandra Park neighbourhood and elsewhere in the Greater Toronto area.  Ward 13 Toronto Centre.

David White – David is an active resident of the West Bend Community.  Ward 4 Parkdale – High Park.